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The perfect marketing gift

– first aid kit with logo-printing

Bandaidkit.com is the leading company in Denmark in the market of tailor made first aid kits. We have more than 100,000 satisfied clients in Denmark, and on the Faroe Islands we have 15% of the population amongst our customers. We offer the most unique marketing gift: First aid kits with individual layout – at all price levels.

With an individually designed first aid kit, and tailor made with your firm’s logo printed, your marketing gift gains the following advantages:
  • The receiver of the first aid kit will with guarantee keep the gift in many years
  • The first aid kit will be shown to many people
  • Your firm will get a significant positive reputation
  • Valuable goodwill – with a first aid kit as a gift, you care about your customer’s wellbeing
Our first aid kits with logo prints are success fully used for:
  • Marketing gifts, Christmas gifts, a.o.
  • Internal use at the office, at the warehouse, at the factory a.o.
  • Resale to the end users

A creative marketing gift with many possibilities:
  • We can accommodate every wish, within your budget
  • Can be produced in small quantities, down to 250 units
  • The first aid kits with logo prints can be assembled at your choice
  • You can offer your customers a refill with a good offer of your service/goods, thereby having additional sales based on your marketing gift
  • Offer your partners to advertise on the first aid kits with long lasting marketing value – would you like to reach my customers the next 5 years?
Bandaidkit.com - part of Point Safety, Arne Jacobsens Alle 7, DK-2450 Copenhagen S, Denmark, Phone (+45) 21 13 76 13, info@bandaidkit.com
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